Chemical Kinetics of Novel Biofuels

Chemical Kinetics of Novel Biofuels

Internship Description

Biofuels are becoming increasingly important in the world's energy infrastructure and their use has steadily been increasing in Europe and the U.S. With a number of candidate biofuels, a concentrated effort must be spent on choosing the optimal fuel that can be produced in a cost-effective manner and deliver the best performance within the engine. The student will initially work on choosing a few candidate biofuel molecules for investigating experimentally in the laboratory. Thereafter, he/she will perform a series of experimental studies on the selected fuels to understand their chemical kinetics behavior.​​​​​​​​​


- Perform life-cycle-analysis to select candidate biofuels
- Characterize various biofuel molecules in terms of their physical properties
- Conduct detailed experiments on the chemical kinetics behavior of these biofuels using shock tube and rapid
compression machine
- Run validated chemical kinetics models to estimate the performance of studied biofuels in an engine
- Show how the new fuel leads to improvement in engine efficiency and reduction in emissions

Faculty Name

Aamir Farooq

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering