Description of Computer Vision and Computational Vision Lab

Description of Computer Vision and Computational Vision Lab

Internship Description

The goal of computer vision is to construct computer algorithms that can automatically make inferences of and understand a scene from images.  The human visual system is able to perform the task of understanding the world though measurements of light collected on the retina (images) seemingly effortlessly, but so far, computer algorithms (even after 40 years of research) are not near matching human visual system capabilities.  Solving computer vision will not only shed light on the most interesting visual processing system – the human brain, but solving computer vision will also have an immediate impact in societal problems, including internet image search, robotics, medicine, surgical planning, geology, etc.  The focus of the lab is mathematical modeling and principled solutions to engineering problems that involve extracting information from images. The lab constructs and applies techniques from diverse mathematical areas (including partial differential equations, differential geometry, optimization, estimation and control, statistics) to problems in computer vision.

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Field of Study

computer vision, image processing and medical image analysis​