Cutting-edge red light- emitting diodes by nitride semiconductors

Cutting-edge red light- emitting diodes by nitride semiconductors

Internship Description

Nitride semiconductors are an excellent candidate for light-emitting devices because they can make all visible lights. In principle, it is possible to simultaneously fabricate the LEDs of Red-Green-Blue primary colors, for instance, it is expected that micro-LED chips capable of displaying high contrast and full color indicating can be manufactured at lower cost. The micro-LED displays are expected as the next-generation after the OLED displays. However, it is well known that the nitride semiconductor red LEDs are quite challenging to develop. Our group found out the break-through to create the red LEDs and leads the research on it in the world.

The following topics are available for internship students.

1. Opto-electrical characterizations

2. Device simulation

The students will learn the various characteristics such as SEM, XRD, PL, AFM and so on. This project needs 3-6 months to be completed


The internship students will learn the opto-electrical knowledge through the development of red-LEDs by nitride semiconductors
The students are expected to work full-time. The results are utilized for publications.
The students attend weekly meetings with the Faculty Advisor

Faculty Name

Kazuhiro Ohkawa

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics