Development of Novel Transducers

Development of Novel Transducers

Internship Description

Microtechnology and Nanotechnology are rapidly growing fields that provide means for realizing transducer concepts with new capabilities and attractive performance features. Driven by new material developments, fabrication processes or applications, we develop a wide range of novel sensors and actuators, i.e. transducers, for which we invite internship student to contribute. Our work includes multi-functional sensors; remotely activated drug delivery; magnetic nanowires for cancer treatment, artificial skins or active cell substrates; flexible graphene sensors for harsh environment applications, flexible magnets for marine monitoring or smart biomedical instruments. These new devices provide properties like ultra-low power consumption, minimal size, high performance or flexibility, which are needed for trends like smart living, advanced robots, smart surgeries, IoT, or wearable devices. ​



The internship student will work closely with a student or postdoc mentor and will be under supervision by Prof. Kosel. During the weekly meetings, the student will present and discuss the work done. At the end of the internship, the student will prepare a project report. If the student is involved in the development of fabrication processes, he/she will prepare a description of this process, in line with similar work done in the group.

Faculty Name

Jurgen Kosel

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Physics, Mechatronics, Bioengineering​