Embedded Electronics

Embedded Electronics

Internship Description

We have conceptualized for the first time “Embedded Electronics” which allows traditional electronics to be transformed into flexible-stretchable-reconfigurable-transient one and then to integrated them with 3D printing technology to form embedded electronics which can serve as the backbone for artificial organs. As an example, a heater and a transducer embedded in a mold of a heart skin can keep the heart running-pumping.
The nature of this project is extremely multi-disciplinary:  
             Medical science, Biology and mechanical engineering will let us draw, design, simulate and fabricate various 3D organ model using relevant software (example: AutoCAD) and 3D printers.
             Electrical engineering will let us design, fabricate and characterize various electronics.
             Material science and engineering will allow us finding out biomaterials which can be mold material for 3D printing as well as encapsulating material for the embedded electronics.
             Chemical engineering will allow us to develop chemical processes for fabrication and process integration.

Faculty Name

Field of Study

Any relevant field of science (specially biology) or engineering plus medical science (pre-med).