Formula 1 Fuel Design

Formula 1 Fuel Design

Internship Description

Come join the KAUST-McLaren partnership and work on exciting Formula 1 Fuel Design. Students will develop state of the art tools to determine the technical performance future F1 fuels. He/she will also be involved in experiments in reactors and flames to develop a deeper understanding of fuel combustion performance. The student should have interest and/or expertise in one of the following areas: computer programming, reaction engineering, chemical thermodynamics, and combustion simulations. The student will use their knowledge to better understand F1 fuel formation and combustion in engines.​​​


Weekly updates on research progress
Presentation of your research at least three times during course of internship
Remaining in the lab/office during regular business hours (9am to 5 pm) 
Written final report on internship projects.​

Faculty Name

Mani Sarathy

Field of Study

Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering