GNSS attitude determination and precise positioning

GNSS attitude determination and precise positioning

Internship Description

The goal of this project is to develop new techniques for accurate GPS/GNSS positioning and attitude determination for mobile platforms (vehicles, etc.). The main application area is vehicle control and vehicle autonomy. The project focuses on instantaneous methods that are capable of delivering real-time results in semi-occluded environments such as urban areas. This requires extending existing techniques of phase ambiguity resolution, or developing new methods.  Methods that leverage multiple GNSS signals (from GPS, GLONASS, etc.) will be given more consideration. A GNSS testbed is available in lab that will be used to carry out the experimental part of this project.

This project consists of different activities: 

1. Review relevant and most recent publications in the area.

2. Develop the precise positioning and/or attitude determination techniques from first principles or by extending existing methods.   

3. Study the performance of the developed methods using simulations.

4. Carry out experimental tests using the existing GNSS testbed.

5. Analyze the results and derive conclusions. Write final report.

6. Write publications and attend relevant conferences/events to gain more knowledge in the area. ​​​


1. A complete assembled system (hardware + software).
2. Final design, algorithms and system parameters.
3. Experimental results.  
4. Final report summarizing and explaining the whole project with results and future recommendations. 

Faculty Name

Tareq Al-Naffouri

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering