Group-III Nitride Nanowire UVLEDs on Metal

Group-III Nitride Nanowire UVLEDs on Metal

Internship Description

Ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers have wide applications in sterilization, environmental cleaning, medicine, and lighting, among other fields. The unresolved material-related challenges and problems are a lack of efficient p-type doping in high-Al-content AlGaN, high threading dislocations and defect densities in planar UV LEDs grown on foreign substrates, and low light extraction efficiency. Considerable progress has been made in nanowire-based UV LEDs and lasers because of the superior crystalline quality (dislocation free) of the AlGaN NW and the surface-enhanced p-type dopant (Mg) incorporation. The blue, green, and red LEDs grown using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) already demonstrated the potential of nanowires emitters for practical applications, beyond lighting. 

In this project, student involved will study the growth of III-N nanowires UVLEDs on metal using a molecular beam epitaxy system. Nanowire materials and nanowire LEDs characterizations using the various spectroscopy and microscopy, and LED device characterization techniques will be performed. 


Demonstration and characterization of nanowires-based UV-LEDs. ​ 

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Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics