High accuracy ultrasonic indoor location system

High accuracy ultrasonic indoor location system

Internship Description

Location information is of high importance in most of now a days applications. GPS provides satisfactory location information for many outdoor application. A reliable, robust, accurate, and low cost system that provide location information indoors and outdoors in GPS challenged areas is still an open research problem. This project will focus on building and testing an indoor location system using of the shelf hardware. The student will be working with an ultrasonic kit currently exist in the lab. The student will investigate different aspects of the location system including number and configuration of base station, optimal ultrasonic signal design, user privacy, and various algorithms for ToF, TDoA, AoA, and location estimation. Practical consideration such as easy system setup, calibration, real time implementation, and integration with other systems might be investigated. The student is expected to participate in writing journal publications and presenting research at conferences.  


1.    Parameters of ultrasonic signal design optimal for the targeted application 

2.    2. Algorithms (MATLAB code) for processing the received signal and obtaining location information.

3.    3. Notes about practical considerations such as number of base station (transceiver) required, preferable locations and distribution of base stations, and real time implementation. 

4.    4. Final report summarizing and explaining all project work and reporting results of evaluation tests performed. 

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​Electrical Engineering