Imagination Inspired Vision

Imagination Inspired Vision

Internship Description

Imagination has been the source of novel ideas that enable humanity to progress at an ever-faster rate. It is also is one of the key properties of human intelligence that enables us to generate creative products like music and art. Imagination is not only helpful for creating Art and Fashion, it also helps us see the world. The goal of this project is to focus on developing techniques that empower AI machines to see the world (computer vision) or to create novel products (e.g., fashion and art), hence the name Imagination Inspired Vision.

Fore more context; see my talk on this topic, recorded at the University of Southern California; 9VYc6QJQ8Z0yEq9X5aogZUWJ0AwDKz8hSR

 Vision-CAIR group at KAUST stands for Computer Vision- "C" Artificial Intelligence Research. "C" is for Content or Creative since we cover in our lab both Vision Content AI research and Vision- Creative AI research. For more information, please visit:​​​​


Develop imagination inspired solutions machine learning research for helping understanding and the creation of the unseen.

1) students should learn about machine learning, deep learning, and the respective target application chosen for the internship.

2) students are expected to show capability to go from an idea to a working prototype; pushing the limits of what the state of the art can do.​

Faculty Name

Mohamed ELhoseiny

Field of Study

Computer Vision and Machine Learning