Laser Deposited Nanostructures for on-Chip Energy Storage

Laser Deposited Nanostructures for on-Chip Energy Storage

Internship Description

​This project will involve fabrication of microsupercapacitors using pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured electrodes and direct-right patterning for energy storage applications. In this project, the student will be trained to use pulsed laser deposition to deposit nanostructured cathode materials for microsupercapacitors, which are useful for onchip energy storage. The student will make nanostructured films of transition metal
oxides or chalcogenides and study their properties. These films will be characterizedto insure the formation of the appropriate crystalline phase and desired nanoscale morphology. The student will then pattern the deposit films using direct-right methods or
lithographic techniques. Different solid state electrolytes will be used to fabricate the microcapacitor devices. The effect of material nanostructure, feature size, and device design on the speed,power, and energy density of the resulting devices will be studied. Electrochemical and spectroscopic measurements will be done by the student during device cycling (in-situ) and afterwards to understand electrode behavior during the electrochemical reactions, and to optimize electrode performance.

Faculty Name

Field of Study

Double Major Chemistry (3.95) and Physics (4.0)