Material and Processes for Reconfigurable Electronics

Material and Processes for Reconfigurable Electronics

Internship Description

To explore and to materialize a new kind of electronic system which can change their shape and size in a programmable way. As an example, if a monitoring device is implanted in a child’s body but over the years when the child grows older rather than changing the device to adjust with his/her body shape, we can wirelessly tune its shape or size.
The nature of this project is extremely multi-disciplinary:
             Nature inspired bio-mimicry serves as the inspiration of the basic concept and further expansion.
             Material science and chemistry will let us choose the correct polymeric material.
             Civil and mechanical engineering will let us design and integrate fractal interconnects/robotic hinges/joints/legs, etc.
             Thermodynamics and control engineering will allow for the controlled application of heat to bring motion to the mechanical components/joints/hinges/legs, etc.
             Chemical engineering will allow us to develop chemical processes for fabrication and process integration.
             Electrical engineering will let us design, fabricate, characterize the electronics and enhance their reliability.


1. Weekly meetings with the Faculty Advisor.
2. Weekly written report to the Faculty Advisor.
3. Monthly presentation.

Faculty Name

Field of Study

Any relevant field of science or engineering.