Internship Description

During the research internship students will learn about the nanovisualization technology which combines computer graphics and visualization for nano-structures in life sciences and biotechnology.


Nanovisualization poses several new technological challenges that are not reflected in the state of the art computer graphics and 3D visualization as of today. The underlying domain requires new techniques for multi-scale, multi-instance, dense, three-dimensional models which we never subject of technological advances in 3D graphics before. These scenes are of gigantic sizes and unmatched complexity. Therefore the task in nanovisualization is to thoroughly revisit all technological aspects of rendering, visualization, navigation, user interaction, and modeling in order to offer algorithmic solutions that address new requirements associated with the nano and microscopic scales.

Throughout their stay, students will be working in team with researchers on specific assignment for a particular scientific work or solving a technical challenge in the field of computer graphics and visualization.


Nanovisualization is one of the key components in creating, studying, and understanding scale-wise small (but complex) systems. As such it will become a key technology in the upcoming industrial revolution that will be heavily associated with the nano scale.

The benefit for the students is to get familiar with nanovisualization research field, which is worldwide uniquely offered at KAUST. They will be integrated in working on a very important problems so far untouched in graphics and visualization that are very relevant for many societal challenges from the health, food, and energy sectors.


Students should work on an internship project and should implement a clearly specified task. It is expected that students are familiar with computer graphics and visualization and can document advanced skills in graphics programming​

Faculty Name

Ivan Viola

Field of Study

computer science, applied mathematics, physics