Next Generation Biofuel and Biolubricant Production

Next Generation Biofuel and Biolubricant Production

Internship Description

Biofuels and other bio-derived compounds have the potential to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. However, current biofuels are generated using large amounts of freshwater and arable land. We have discovered a potential biofuel crop, Salicornia, that can be grown in the desert on high salinity water. Biofuels and biolubricants produced from Salicornia do not compete with food resources and are significantly more environmentally friendly than current biomass feedstocks. We are looking for brilliant students to help us develop novel biofuels and biolubricants from Salicornia. The student will operate various biological and thermochemical reactors to produce the desired bioproducts. The student will then test the products by comparing against conventional petroleum derived fuels and lubricants.


Weekly updates on research progress
Presentation of your research at least three times during course of internship
Remaining in the lab/office during regular business hours (9am to 5 pm) 
Written final report on internship projects​

Faculty Name

Mani Sarathy

Field of Study

Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering