Numerical Study of CO2 Storage in a Deep Aquifer in Saudi Arabia

Numerical Study of CO2 Storage in a Deep Aquifer in Saudi Arabia

Internship Description

The ongoing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere is a global concern. Climate change could be mitigated by stabilizing and reducing the levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In this context, the role of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) becomes important, as it is one of very few options available to us to maintain the value of fossil fuels whilst reducing emissions. CCS technology corresponds to a mature and feasible solution that can be applied to meet the objectives set by various governments and agreements worldwide for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from carbon intensive industries. CCS is an essential component in all IPCC scenarios that limit global warming, and has also been recognized as a main enabler for Circular Carbon Economy (CCE). 

The objective of this project is study the feasibly of CO2 storage in a deep aquifer in Saudi Arabia. The focus will be on building a 3D high-resolution geological model in Petrel. The model will incorporate well data, outcrops, and analogs. Different realizations will be considered to account for uncertainties. Simulations will then be conducted to assess the storage capacity, development alternatives, what-if scenarios, and risk assessments.


​​- Build 3D geological model in Petel
- Generate high-resolution corner-point simulation grids
- Populate the static model
- Propose alternative development plans
- Perform simulations using Intersect
- Document findings in presentations and a final technical report

Faculty Name

Hussein Hoteit

Field of Study

​​Geology and Reservoir Engineering