Protein Synthetic Biology

Protein Synthetic Biology

Internship Description

The student will work in the synthetic biology team of the Stefan Arold lab in KAUST. The team is focusing on the design of multi-protein systems such as protein circuits or small metabolic pathways. We can offer both experimental (biophysical, molecular biology, automation) and computational or software development projects or a mix of the two.
Experimental work would deal with the construction of small metabolic pathways or multi-protein circuits and their rapid prototyping in a cell-free expression system. We have started to combine this cell-free expression with microfluidics and are also actively developing automation workflows on the lab's liquid-handling robots. Software development projects would aim for improving biodesign and engineering workflows together with the experimentalists in the lab.​


Exact deliverables depend on the type of work (experimental and / or computational). Experimental deliverables could be, for example, the expression and detection of a set of target proteins in microfluidic droplets or the automation of a cloning or protein expression experiment on a liquid handling robot. Software development would build on existing Python libraries to streamline biodesign workflows in the lab (e.g. multi-domain protein design).​

Faculty Name

Stefan Arold

Field of Study

Synthetic Biology (experimental, computational)