Smart Parking Monitoring System using Ultrasonic Imaging

Smart Parking Monitoring System using Ultrasonic Imaging

Internship Description

Managing parking lots and providing smart parking assistant for users is an interesting problem. Traditionally this is tackled by placing sensors (IR, Ultrasonic, etc...) in each parking slot and connecting them to a central sink using wires or wirelessly. This project will focus in design, prototype implementation, and testing of an ultrasonic based monitoring system for parking lots. The system is supposed to monitor parking areas and reports the status of each parking lot (occupied or vacant) using few number of ultrasonic transceiver. This is proposed to be achieved by low resolution ultrasonic imaging, using of the shelf ultrasonic transducers. Student will use an ultrasonic kit available in the lab to send and receive signals, design optimal signal for best low resolution ultrasonic imaging performance, and develop algorithms for processing the received signal to provide an image about the surrounding area and extracting useful information regarding the parking slots status. The possibility of exploiting the existing ultrasonic modules in cars will also be investigated to enhance the system performance and provide additional smart features. The student is expected to participate in writing journal publications and presenting research at conferences. 


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Field of Study

​Electrical Engineering