Smart parking management and navigation system

Smart parking management and navigation system

Internship Description

We propose a system that utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transceivers installed in the parking space to provide parking management and navigation services. These BLE transvers are used to provide real time detection of parking lots status (occupied or vacant) and communicate this data to gateway or central server. This allow parking facility operators to manage parking areas indoor and outdoor efficiently. The system also exploits interaction between the BLE transceivers distributed in the parking space and user’s Bluetooth enabled devices (i.e. smartphones) to accurately locate users within the parking space. Real-time user’s location estimation and maps of the parking area with updated parking lots status information allow efficient navigation within the parking space. The navigation allow users to view available parking lots, reserve their preferred lot, and navigate to it directly. The system also allow users to save the actual location where they parked their car and navigate back to it easily. Challenges include, but are not limited to, cost effective system, accuracy of BLE tags to detect car occupancy, communication between BLE nodes for data aggregation, user location estimation and navigation within parking space, and computational complexities related to system scale, hardware, and data processing.


1.Algorithms (MATLAB code) for processing the received signal and extracting parking status.
2.Effective communication protocol to aggregate BLE tag data to central sink node or gateway.
3.User location estimation algorithms and navigation (mobile app).
4. Notes about practical considerations such as coverage area per BLE base station (transceiver), preferable locations and distribution of base stations, power consumption and real time implementation. 
5.Final report summarizing and explaining all project work and reporting results of evaluation tests performed

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Electrical Engineering