Ultra Sensitive Sensors based on Nanotubes Porous Networks

Ultra Sensitive Sensors based on Nanotubes Porous Networks

Internship Description

This project will focus on design, development and implementation of a family of ultra sensitive sensors taking advantage of tunnelling effects in carbon nanotube porous networks. The intertube junctions will be customized by using different materials depending of the sensing needs (moisture, special gas, deformations..) The student will be in charge of defining a simple phenomenological model for each sensing mechanism, of choosing the best material and microstructure configuration for each sensing need and to manufacture, test and validate the resulting prototype. This study is relevant for applications in structural health monitoring and for continuous tracking of biological systems. The student is expected to participate in writing journal publications and presenting research at conferences. ​​​​



Faculty Name

Gilles Lubineau

Field of Study

​Mechanical Engineering