Virtual Reality for multi-domains protein

Virtual Reality for multi-domains protein

Internship Description

The goal of this project is to enhance our understanding of protein structure and function in two complementary ways. Firstly, we wish to enhance our existing tool for visualisation and manipulation of protein structures in a true 3D virtual reality. Secondly, we wish to produce an interactive tool that allows scientists to build natural or synthetic multi-domain proteins by combining their known protein domains and the (natural or synthetic) regions linking these domains into a ‘3D nanomachine’. For details see attached project description.


1) Using A-Frame, Javascript, and Python, improve our existing visualisation and manipulation tool. New features can be: support of multimers, integration of the tool developed in point 2)
2) To produce a python wrapper/pipeline from currently separate softwares to allow producing 3D molecular models from protein sequence and known structures of (isolated) protein domains.

Faculty Name

Stefan Arold

Field of Study

  Computer sciences, bioinformatics, biosciences