Wetting Transitions in Doubly Reentrant MicroTextures

Wetting Transitions in Doubly Reentrant MicroTextures

Internship Description

Our research Group has recently reported on surface microtextures comprising of doubly reentrant cavities that render common surfaces omniphobic, i.e. an ability to sustain non-wetting states. Remarkably, omniphobicity of our microtextures is not compromised even if there is minor surface damage or if surfaces are immersed in wetting liquids. To further assess the suitability of those microtextures for marine applications, we are investigating the role of capillary condensation, liquid imbibition along corners, and gas dissolution on wetting transitions in our microtextured surfaces on immersion.​ ​​​


The VSRP intern will work with senior Group members and learn the following skills:

Laboratory experiments: contact angle cells, immersion studies, imaging (optical and confocal), microfabrication and IIID printing

Theory: data analysis, data plotting


We expect the intern to be driven by curiosity, hard working, and thrive in a multicultural work environment.​

Faculty Name

Field of Study

​​Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Math